Law Office “Dundov & Sons” was founded in 1997 by Tencho Kolev Dundov, professor of law, and Mariana Nikolova Chorlova-Dundova, attorney-at-law, in Sofia. Our team is specialized in various legal branches, such as administrative, tax, trade and company law, insurance law, intellectual property law, criminal and misdemeanor law, executive process, international law, drafting of legal acts, consultations, etc.

“Dundov & Sons”

As a family company, we strive to establish close and special relationships with both our collaborators and partners, and (above all) with our clients. Trusting us, they receive one single but unconditional promise: that we shall be behind them and defend their interests with the best of our own, even when it seems impossible. And we believe that “Trust is the most important capital for the lawyer” is not just a phrase!


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