Banking and financial law

„Dubdov & sons”

Some of the legal services of Law Office “Dunn and Sons” in the field of banking and financial law include:

  • Legal preparation and assistance for the licensing of banks by the BNB, respectively procedures for conducting business from a foreign bank through a branch;
  • Transactions on the acquisition of majority stakes in the capital of banks and obtaining the necessary permissions from the BNB;
  • Preparation of contracts, internal rules and all other legal documentation for starting a bank’s activity, including a branch of a foreign bank;
  • Legal preparation and assistance for the registration of financial institutions;
  • Consultations on specific banking operations and transactions: letters of credit, bank guarantees and others;-         Consultations on bank loans and collateral contracts – mortgages, special pledges and others;
  • Regulatory procedures related to non-banking financial institutions;
  • Consultations on winding-up proceedings of investment intermediaries;
  • Procedural representation of banks and individuals in bank cases in cases involving bank transactions and transactions

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